Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. So, allow us a few moments of your time to explain what data we collect when you visit to this site.

We use Amazon AWS and their CDN service Cloudfront. Cloudfront logs which type of device you visited from, the browser you used, the country you are from and if you are in the U.S. the state you're from too. Cloudfront stores these metrics anonymously. I.E. The AWS control panel will allow us to see the percentages of the types of devices used, the browsers used and the countries people visit from but not which device, browser or country an IP address used.

When a request makes it to our server we log the request for 24 hours to allow us the ability to debug any issues that arise. After 24 hours these logs are purged from the server. These logs contain your contains your IP address, the file requested, the user agent string of the software used to request the file, if the request was successful or not and your Patreon user ID if you are logged in.

In order to be able to provide this service we have to collect a few details about your Patreon account. These are your Patreon User ID, The amount you are pledging to RollPlay and an Access Token that allows us to query the Patreon API on your behalf.
We use the Patreon access token to query your pledge level to Patreon, if your last payment was declined and the first name you have given to Patreon. The pledge level and payment declined values are used to grant you access to the system and your First name is just used as a friendly greeting after you have logged in.

The MP3s, PDFs and other downloadable files are served from Fastly's CDN service. We log the past 48 hours of requests for these files. These requests include your IP address, the file requested, the user agent string of the software used to request the file and if the request was successful or not.
This information is collected for debugging purposes. If we encounter an issue with the service or if you report an issue to us these logs allow us to hunt it down.

If you wish to have your records deleted from the system please email and we will start the process of removing your details from the system. Please note that we need to process the above details about you in order to provide the service so if you request we delete your records and never store them again we will have to also block access to the service. If you wish to just delete your old records (for example you are no longer a patron but may wish to return in the future) you may ask us to delete your records but understand that if you log back into the system at a later date these details will be collected once again.

GDPR Requests can be sent to

We use an authorization cookie to keep you logged in between page views and when you revisit the site. This cookie is required and is used for logging you into the system. Its expiry is set to 14 days, but may be cleared by simply logging out of the system.

Should you have any questions about this policy, feel free to contact the developer at who will get back to you as soon as possible.