Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. So, allow us a few moments of your time to explain what data we collect when you visit to this site.

We use Amazon AWS and their CDN service Cloudfront. Cloudfront logs which type of device you visited from, the browser you used, the country you are from and if you are in the U.S. the state you're from too. Cloudfront stores these metrics anonymously. I.E. The AWS control panel will allow us to see the percentages of the types of devices used, the browsers used and the countries people visit from but not which device, browser or country an IP address used.

When a request makes it to our server we log the request for 24 hours to allow us the ability to debug any issues that arise. After 24 hours these logs are purged from the server. These logs contain your contains your IP address, the file requested, the user agent string of the software used to request the file, if the request was successful or not.

The MP3s, PDFs and other downloadable files are served from the Internet Archive. We have no access to any logs IA may or may not store about your access to such files. Click here to read Internet Archives Privacy Policy